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Wireless Network Troubleshooting


Wireless Connection Issues

  • Locate and remediate root causes of connection, drop and interference issues with your wireless network.
  • Maximize 802.11n efficiencies
  • Complete visibility of all Wi-Fi traffic
  • Locate rogue device or security threats
  • Return On Investment analysis of WLAN Infrastructure options
  • Affirm Audit-ready compliance status

GETATECH can audit and troubleshoot enterprise Wi-Fi networks and quickly assist your IT staff in resolving end-user issues while detecting security threats and wireless network vulnerabilities.


GETATECH will test and diagnose common wireless performance issues including throughput issues, connectivity issues, device conflicts and signal multipath problems. We will provide you with a full compliance report, along with a map of your network maps to meet compliancy for industry regulations.

GETATECH’s Wi-Fi troubleshooting will identify common problems and physically locate specific devices to solve virtually any type of performance, security challenge.

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