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Wireless Network Security


BYOD (Bring your Own Device)

Today’s mobile atmosphere  especially with the introduction of BYOD into business networks, wireless network security is more of a must have than a convenience. All of these devices have the ability to connect to any computer, server or storage device within your network making security a nightmare. GETATECH’s Wireless Security Services will monitor your wireless network for unauthorized access, locate and manage any wireless device on your network and keep your proprietary data secure.

Wireless Security

Wireless security can be a daunting task whether its end users accessing websites that introduce malicious content into you network or an intentional introduction of a rogue wireless access point that bypasses your security monitor your network for user names and passwords to gain access to sensitive information. Any mobile device that is given access to your wireless infrastructure can introduce unwanted elements into your network, even without the end users knowledge.

Troubleshoot Wireless Network

GETATECH will audit and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network and quickly assist your IT staff in resolving end-user issues while detecting security threats and wireless network vulnerabilities.

Wireless Network Speed and Performance

GETATECH will test and diagnose common wireless performance issues including throughput issues, connectivity issues, device conflicts and signal multipath problems. We will provide you with a full compliance report, along with a map of your network maps to meet compliancy for industry regulations.

Rogue Wireless Access Points

GETATECH’s Wi-Fi security will identify rogue access points and block any connection to your network.  GETATECH will solve virtually any type security challenge.

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