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Wireless Network Monitoring and Management

With mobile devices becoming the preferred way to communicate with employees, vendor’s and customers, wireless access for your business network has become more of must have rather than just a convenience. 

Wireless Network Interference

Monitoring and Management of your wireless network can detect what is causing wireless network interference and locate the causes. It may be a neighboring wireless network, machinery, microwave oven, electronic monitor, garage door opener, cordless phone or an endless number of other devices which cause issues with a wireless networks. Wireless network monitoring and management can fend off causes of wireless network interference that can interrupt communication with your wireless access points.

Wireless Network Security

Wireless security can be a daunting task whether its end users accessing websites that introduce malicious content into you network or an intentional introduction of a rogue wireless access point that bypasses your security to monitor your network for user names and passwords to gain access to sensitive information.  Any mobile device that is given access to your wireless infrastructure can introduce unwanted elements into your network, even without the end users knowledge.

Wireless Network Bandwidth

The introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has presented even more challenges especially with bandwidth consumption with users accessing social, music and video streaming websites.

Wireless networks can cause total chaos on your network if not properly monitored and managed.

GETATECH has the knowledge, experience and the tools to effectively manage and monitor your wireless network to make it more secure, viable and cost effective than trying to manage and monitor it yourself.

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